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Currencies chart.
Macroeconomic Research


Technical Analysis
Commitment of Traders

Oxford Analytics currency research is designed to provide clients with both macro overviews as well as short-term and intermediate trading strategies.

We monitor financial and economic developments across the globe.  Key data releases are previewed and their market impact assessed.  Economic activity, inflation, interest rates, and money flows are evaluated in terms of their influence on exchange rates.


The aim is to add value by digging beneath the headline numbers and investigating movements in sub-indexes and index components.  We highlight divergences between economic indicators and discuss the implications for our forecasts.

Technical analysis plays a key role in timing currency markets and can be used to determine entry and exit points for trades.


In trending markets, our research focuses on momentum indicators such as moving average crossovers which help detect and quantify trends.  In mean-reverting markets, we emphasize oscillators such as RSI and stochastics to identify overbought or oversold conditions.  Chart patterns are used to pinpoint support and resistance levels which can be used as stop losses for trades.

We deliver intra-day, daily, and weekly charts incorporating a variety of technical studies.

Clients are presented with weekly breakdowns of the CFTC Commitment of Traders report across the spectrum of futures exchanges.

Changes in the net positions of both speculators and commercial traders are analyzed along with their respective share of open interest.  Index funds’ impact on futures markets, both flat prices and time spreads, is explored in detail.

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