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Oxford Analytics employs traditional valuation tools including discounted cash flow analysis and ratio analysis in conjunction with proprietary metrics that focus on earnings quality.  Our models are fully customisable, incorporating a range of options for underlying assumptions.  Our sector coverage includes “food chain” analysis of suppliers, distributors, customers, and competitors.  Focus sectors comprise energy, financials, materials, and technology.  Throughout our research we seek to add value through original arguments supported by rigorous data.

Our research coverage of large cap stocks is based on a thematic rather than maintenance model.  We focus on a particular aspect of a company or sector that hasn’t been fully explored.  For example, we analyse trading revenues across the brokerage sector against a variety of risk-adjusted benchmarks.  We compare margin sensitivities across the manufacturing sector to fluctuations in commodity prices.  We estimate stand-alone values for business segments of diversified holding companies.  Our research specifically targets catalysts for realising value in under or over-valued large caps.

We specialise in orphaned stocks neglected by traditional research providers.  According to most surveys, over one-third of companies listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ are not covered by research.  Unlike other providers our coverage is not company sponsored.  We approach our research from a buy-side perspective focusing on business and enterprise valuations.

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